Saturday, July 15, 2006

MI LAD now available!

I was able to find some time today to complete the article of MI Local Application Deployer (LAD). I just hope that this simple tool will help MI application developers in their daily tasks and experiments. In another aspect, I'm hoping that the code will also serve as a help in understanding MI internals. What I'm asking in return are your feedback and comments...Please add them to the comments link below.
Well then see ya on my next blog. :)


Kishor Gopinathan said...

Hi Jo ,


Really we were waiting for this magic post.

This is not only for an MI beginner but also for experienced guys ..

Thanks & Regards
Kishor Gopinathan

Jo Gel Santiago said...

hello kishor,

thanks. i do hope that it's worth sharing... some more tips to go :)


Anonymous said...

This is a great tool and is really useful for development on the PC. Is there any chance you could modify it to deploy on a PDA? The browse to archive is not available on a PDA (and I don't know how to get it working).

Thanks, Marc