Saturday, July 01, 2006

Here comes July...

This blogspot will be my place to write articles related to SAP Mobile Infrastructure (MI) which I was working on my former job at SAP. Perhaps some posts related to SAP Web Application Server (WAS) and SAP Exchange Infrastructure (XI) if time allows me... Now that my new job is not related to SAP technologies anymore, I just would like to share some tips and tricks which I think would be helpful to fellow SAP developers and consultants.

I really wanted share ideas with my former technology enthusiasts at SAP Developer's Network (SDN), unfortunately, the SDN administrators declined my request to be an SDN Blogger with my new SDN user ID. I will be reposting some of the posts which I already had in SDN before the SAP employee ID which I was using to log into SDN will removed from the company's list.

You might be asking what's all this about. Well, my motivation resides on seeing our baby's growth and not for the sake of SDN points :). I'm actually referring to SAP MI as our baby here. I used to be one of the MI client-side developers until the project was moved to Bangalore. I had been dealing with MI as tester as well ever-since its first realization; then worked on it as a developer. I have seen it grew for the last 4-5 years, and I like to see how it will be in the future.

So what could you expect from my posts? Well, I will be giving tutorials how to develop MI applications on AWT or JSP/servlet and perhaps with the old microITS UI from scratch. Some comments and feedbacks on "inconsistent" documents posted on SDN and might as well answer some FAQs on the related subject.

Anyway, hang-on a minute while I'm preparing the articles for public posting.

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