Thursday, October 12, 2006

Laying low

I had promised to publish some articles on my last blog. I have some of them almost completed when I got pretty de-motivated by a direct email last month stating, "Pa blog blog pa wala namang alam. Baka!" It's a combination of Tagalog and Japanese words which means, "You're blogging but you know nothing. Stupid!" This email was sent to me from the hotmail account Maybe someone who knows and perhaps hates me... ???
I don't recall having met a person nor have a friend named Rick Brillantes. I'm sure this is not his/her real name. I also couldn't recall if I had offended someone with my blogs or articles in SDN. And I'm still wondering who this scum bag really is...

Anyway, it seems that I had been pushing myself to write some articles are worthless, am I Rick? I won't be posting any for a little while; I have to lay back myself and think about this blogging thing once again. Perhaps, big Rick can show us his precious blogs that are worth reading... So long...


Karthik Setty said...

This is really bad! Don't give in to Rick, if you stop blogging you are just letting him win!
The MI world needs you!

Anonymous said...

hello karthik,

nice to hear from you!!!
how's MI project doin?

well i don't really care about rick, but it did give me sometime to reflect. don't worry, i will resume posting when my motivation is up again... i just need something to get back my motivation... :)


Karthik Setty said...

MI project is going great! We are focusing on making the client and server stable. We have added a few new features in the client, nothing major though.

Now waiting for some posts :)